DSC is excited to announce the addition of the brand new Mercedes ML to its VIP Security fleet. Powerful, discreet and secure, this black limo SUV is definitely one of the most desired vehicles on the market right now.

Boasting a powerhouse of a motor, this luxury SUV will get you to where you need to be in half the time but with twice the comfort. The new Mercedes features some incredible handling-enhancing features, a high-tech navigation system and a luxuriously cushioned three-passenger cabin with some exquisite special touches. Most importantly, this beautiful SUV has the safety features to make it a complete all-rounder. Mercedes-Benz has always had the reputation of being a safe ride and the new ML definitely reinforces this. In our books, safety is the most important feature of any vehicle and that’s why we are proud to have this stunning machine in our fleet.

Whether you need a chauffeur drive, a VIP security transfer or just a simple airport transfer, this SUV will ensure you get to your destination quickly, safely and in style.

The Mercedes ML can only be rented along with one of our professional drivers.