Coming Soon: Next Generation Peugeot 308

Our number one concern at DSC is safety and we are proud to announce the upcoming addition of Europe’s Car of the Year to our fleet.

The new-generation Peugeot 308, which is the safest vehicle in its class, is due for arrival in South Africa in early July 2014. The stylish, highly advanced hatchback was honoured with the European Car of the Year award at the recent Geneva Motor Show, one of the motoring world’s most important accolades. The new Peugeot is not only beautifully streamlined, it is also 140kg lighter than its predecessor, making it a class leader in terms of reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions. DSC is looking forward to the arrival of this incredible vehicle, we’re sure you are too.

Just arrived: New Mercedes S350

Talking about safety, DSC is excited to announce its new arrival. The new Mercedes S350 has excelled in both beauty and technology with exquisitely dynamic style lines and the amazing Magic Body Control feature, which adjusts suspension according to the road conditions. With vast safety equipment, this vehicle even includes a pedestrian warning that automatically flashes headlights. Book a VIP Chauffeur Drive with DSC Transport in the brand new Mercedes S350 and experience the comfort and luxury.