DSC Rewards Terms & Conditions

The redemption and use of DSC vouchers are bound by these Terms of Use:


  1. In order to qualify for the accumulation of D$C Dollars, you will need to register an account through our website.
  2. Points are referred to as D$C Dollars where D$C 10.00 is equal to R1.00.
  3. You will receive D$C Dollars for each booking made on our website.
  4. Points will be earned once a booking has been finalised and invoiced. In the event of any booking cancellations, the points that would have been accumulated will also be cancelled.
  5. Points may not be redeemed or exchanged for cash.
  6. To view and redeem your points, you will need to be logged into your account on the DSC website.


  1. Agents can accumulate and redeem their D$C Dollars in the form of shopping centre vouchers with a minimum redemption of R500 (D$C5000) and a maximum of R2000 (D$C20000).
  2. Agents will only be able to redeem points in multiples of 500.

Direct Customers

  1. Direct customers can accumulate and redeem their D$C Dollars in the form of discount on future bookings.
  2. Upon redemption of D$C Dollars, new points will only be earned on the cash difference of the booking amount.